Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

The BSA program is based on competency standards for agriculture considering the latest development of the Agriculture landscape of the Southeast Asian region and beyond. It emphasizes carrying out the science, art, ethics, management, and entrepreneurial business in the production, processing and marketing of plants, animals and other organisms utilized for food, fiber, recreation, biomedicine, industrial and other purposes within the context of integrated and sustainable agriculture resource systems. (CMO 23, s.2021)

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management

The BSABM program is based in competency standards for agribusiness. It focuses on creating and going into business in agriculture. It is systems-oriented emphasizing on the interactions of all activities and factors affecting the manufacture and distribution of farm supplies; production activities of the farm; and the storage, processing, and distribution of farm commodities and items made from them, locally and globally within the context of the country’s biophysical, socio-cultural, political, economic environment, and development needs. (CMO No. 24, s. 2007)

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

The BSABE program is designed to produce graduates who possess knowledge, skills,  and attitudes in the application of engineering science and designs to the processes and systems involved in the sustainable production, post production, and processing of safe food, feed, fiber, timber, and other agricultural and biological materials; the efficient utilization, conservation, and management of natural and renewable resources; and development of climate change mitigation measures, in order to enhance human health in harmony with the environment. Agricultural and Biosystems (AB) consists of crops, poultry, livestock, fisheries and agricultural resources, forestry and other plants, new and renewable energy, waste, natural resources, and climate. (CMO 94, s. 2017)