Aimed to provide students the opportunity to immerse in international farming, the BS Agriculture Department deploys students for the Agrostudies Internship Program in Israel.

          Student-interns are trained in the different agricultural management and practices, which enhance their work values, competencies, and discipline in the international workplace.  

          Israeli farmers invite agriculture students from other Asian countries, including the Philippines, to be trained in their farms through Agro Studies, Inc. to spearhead the dissemination of technology toward worldwide food security. Thus, all the Filipino students returning to the Philippines are armed with newly gained knowledge and fresh enthusiasm to become catalysts of agricultural development in their respective communities.

Aside from their farm immersion, students of Agrostudies also attended Monday school activity for one-day frontal studies, which provided six (6) hours of lectures about horticulture and other subjects. The lecturers were selected according to their specialization. Some were professors, and others were experts from the Ministry of Agriculture.

          Every subject has a corresponding trip to the farm to relate to practical application. The farm manager explained and elaborated thoroughly on the management method being practiced on their farm.

Students received their academic certificates during their graduation ceremony. Some of them were given awards for Leadership and Excellence.