Darted to be equipped with the rudiments of mushroom technology, two Indonesian students spent their internship journey at PSU Mushroom Research and Development Center (MRDC). 

Known for their high-standard technology in mushroom production, Dr. Cesar Della and Dr. Elisa Della, heads of the center, generously imparted their valuable knowledge and practical skills in preparing substrates, making mushroom beds, and managing the crop from sowing to harvesting. 

The Indonesian interns were also allowed to apply their learned knowledge into practice as they were tasked to produce their own mushrooms following the standards of mushroom technology.  

PSU-Sta. Maria, with its flagship program- BS Agriculture, boasts its agricultural technologies at par in the international arena. The university has already opened its doors to international clientele interested in the various agricultural developments offered on the campus and this internship program justifies this claim.